Website Design Checklist

Euphoria Design

Are you starting a new website project? It is important to get all of the right content to your designer upfront. We have created this checklist to help you prepare for your website build.

1. Logo | Branding

By providing your logo/branding, you can help a web designer determine which font styles, shapes and colors to use for your project.

TIP: Provide a logo image saved in the PNG file format with a transparent background.

2. Photographs | Graphics

Photographs and graphics of your business can help showcase your personality, providing trust with your customers.

TIP: Provide JPEG file formats for web photographs and PDF for online documents.

3. Goals

A website is built around its goals. A designer will ask you questions to get a full understanding of what your project overview is.

TIP: Tell your designer as much as you can about your website goals and expectations.

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